About Me

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Hello, I am Chelsea the Math Tutor and have been working as a Private Math Tutor for 7 years now. I spent two years teaching Algebra II and Math for College Readiness at Terry Parker High School in Jacksonville, FL. In 2013 I left teaching to pursue my masters and now have a Master of Arts in Counseling. After working as a therapist for a year I realized that I missed teaching students math and now work full time as a math tutor.

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Online Tutoring

Why did I make the move to tutoring online? In August 2019 I left the US to start traveling the world! I spent a few months living in China and then Vietnam. Due to the coronavirus I had to return back to the States and I am currently fixing up a van to start van life and travel around America.

Why Choose Me?

What makes me stand out as a math tutor is that not only do I have first hand experience in the school system and understand the new standards since common core has been put in place, I also am able to assess students individual needs and build a strong rapport with my students through my work as a therapist. Combining my experience as a teacher in the public schools and my work as a therapist gives me a unique advantage in being able to assess a student’s needs and create tailored plans to help make the most of each session. The feedback I get most often from my students is that I am able to take a difficult concept and break it down in a way that makes sense and makes the work no longer overwhelming.

My philosophy is that every student is capable of excelling in math. Many math teachers often struggle with finding ways to make the work relatable and they do not take the time to explain each step. Often teachers expect students to keep up and will skip steps thinking students will understand how they got from point A to point B without taking the time to help a student comprehend why they are doing what they are doing.

Success Story

I have quite a few stories I could share but I wanted to share my favorite with you when I was working as a teacher. I had a student in 10th grade in my Algebra II class who wrote on the student surveys I give to my students that she was bad at math and that every teacher had told her she would never really excel in this area because she just couldn’t get it. She wrote that she really just wanted to pass and did not have much hope for getting a grade above a C. Later I pulled her aside privately and told her that I believed she was capable of an A if she was willing to do the extra work. Throughout that year she would come after class and get tutoring. She ended up making an A in Algebra II and told me I was the first math teacher to believe in her. She went on to take the higher level math classes available and she scored the highest score her senior year on a standardized test all the seniors had to take!  I truly believe students all possess the capability to succeed and just need someone who will not only help them but encourage them and remind them that they are smart! My goal is to not just teach but encourage and help students gain confidence as well.

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