I charge 50 USD an hour which includes reviewing your student’s work ahead of time.

Benefits of Online Tutoring

  • Student can meet me in the comfort of their own home
  • I am able to have more flexibility and availability with my schedule
  • I can review student’s work and be prepared to jump right in with whatever they are working on

Why Me and Why $50 an hour?

In doing research of other tutoring companies I have found that prices range from $30-$80 an hour. Many parents are taking their students to local tutoring agencies like Mathnasium, Kumon, Wyzant etc. One of the main differences between what I offer and every other agency offers is that I worked as a teacher and have inside knowledge of the curriculum used; specifically common core and the EOCs (end of course exams). None of the agencies require their tutors to have worked as a teacher though some do at least expect their tutors to have a college degree. There are some agencies that actually hire tutors that are as young as 16!


If you look at the above chart you see where each agency is lacking. Though Sylvan still comes out on top, their “certified instructors” just need a bachelors and may have little to no knowledge of the curriculum schools across the nation are being forced to use. Plus Sylvan charges $55 an hour and an additional $120 fee for students to take a diagnostic test. I do not have any upfront fees and I look over the students work and make immediate assessments in where the students are struggling.

Also many companies lock you into a monthly commitment where you pay a fee and could potentially lose money when you cancel their services. I charge $50 an hour with no additional fees or commitments so you are free to meet with me for one session or set up a weekly or bi-weekly sessions. I work with you to provide the best services. I am flexible and do my best to ensure each student gets time slots that work best for their schedule. If you need to cancel and move to another day I do my absolute best to get the time you need.

If you have any questions feel free to fill out this contact form to send me an email and I will respond ASAP