3 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. “Mom, I really need help with my Algebra class!” Sounds familiar? Well, my daughter who is 12 yrs old is loving Algebra because of Chelsea. I love the fact that Chelsea works with her on her homework and goes over the chapters for testing purposes. Chelsea doesn’t overwhelms her with extra homework. Chelsea truly is an investment!


  2. Chelsea has worked wonders with my son. Tyler was transitioning from public school to Trinity Prep and was very far behind in Algebra. Chelsea was quickly able to get him caught up with the rest of the class and continues to help him weekly to tackle areas that are difficult for him. His confidence in Algebra has grown tremendously and he looks forward to each tutoring session. I have watched Chelsea’s interactions with Tyler and she is extremely kind and patient with him while keeping him on task and providing positive feedback along the way.

    Lisa Freeman – Casselberry, FL


  3. Chelsea is amazing! I have been out of school for 14 years and was completely lost when it came to intermediate algebra. I failed my course last semester and had to retake it this semester. My second week into class I was crying and wanted to give up. Fast forward a week and I have had two tutoring sessions with Chelsea and everything is making more sense. She understands my learning style and knows when I’m getting frustrated and will make me take a break and reboot! I no longer dread going to algebra class and I’m getting the hang of it. I know the more time I spend with her I will eventually come naturally! I highly recommend Chelsea!


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