Resources for Students

This is my first official post for the site and I am excited to be launching my new company this year in Jacksonville!

One of the most common questions I am asked from parents are where to find great resources for their child to work on at home. Today I am going to be focusing on one particular website I love but each week I will be adding more available resources.

A great website to check out is Kuta Software.

Once you get to the main site if you look to the far left you can find the specific math class your student is in. So if your child is in Algebra I you would then click the button that says “free worksheets” under the title. I think the worksheets are the most helpful and everything else, like topics and features, I do not find particularly helpful. Once you go to the free worksheets page you find the current topic your student is working on and click on that to download and print. They have great practice problems that increase in difficulty plus the last sheet includes all the answers so they can check their work and fix any mistakes made.

The only downside is that the answer sheet only includes the answers and no explanations. So if a problem is too difficult to work out sometimes the answer key isn’t completely helpful.

Overall if you are looking for great practice worksheets this is the site to check out! If you have any difficulty navigating the site or have any further questions shoot me an email!


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