Homeschoolers – Need a Math Teacher?

To all of the Homeschooling Parents,

Math is a subject that begins to get difficult to teach pretty early on! Especially as textbooks continue to change each year. For example, this past year in Algebra I and II students were expected to cover a chapter on Statistics that was never there before. If you are struggling to keep up with the ever changing curriculum I would love to help out. Growing up I was homeschooled up until the seventh grade and by fifth and sixth grade my mom was struggling to help me. After spending years as a math tutor and as a math teacher at Terry Parker High School I have learned a lot on how to best teach students difficult math concepts. I work with students to determine how they best learn, be that auditory, visual or kinesthetic. I offer hands on tutoring and teaching and provide a plan to tailor fit each student’s individual needs. For pricing we can work out deals where if a couple of moms want to get together and split the cost I can teach up to 4 students at $80 an hour. I am very flexible with prices and can work with you to determine a plan that will be affordable and offer quality tutoring to your child. Please contact me if you are interested or have questions or concerns at: (904) 483-0785

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