Online Tutoring

I recently ventured into the world of online tutoring, something I was quite skeptical of initially, and have been shocked by how successful it has been! I currently have 3 students I tutor online and through the use of Google Video Chats we are able to share screens and work. I can watch a student do their work in real time and correct errors as they happen. Depending on the student we find different ways to share the work. Some students had me log into their book so we could take turns sharing screens while others emailed me pictures of the worksheets they were working on. With the use of the snipping tool you can zero in on one problem and use the different colored pens to solve the problems. Below are photos of a few online tutoring sessions I have done so you can see how the snipping tool works. If you happen to live far from me and would like tutoring, online tutoring is now available and I offer it at a discounted rate! Send me a message if you are interested:

ex of profit
This is an example of how you can use the snipping tool and take a problem from the book and highlight key words, use different pen colors and work out the whole problem while talking to each other!
number 5
This student sent me her worksheet and we took a few problems and broke them down individually and used pictures to help visualize the problem.
number 6
By drawing out an image it helps a student visualize the problem.
number 7
When I use the snipping tool I often write notes off to the side for the student to copy down into their math notebook as well as save and email all of the images we completed together.
number 13
I teach students to look for key words in word problems to help them solve the work.
number 17
I teach different techniques for breaking down a problem that best suits each individual student. There are many different ways to break down a math problem and I work diligently to find ways to help students better understand and work out the problems themselves.



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